#18446 Empathic Ebony Morion Quartz – Healing and Transmutation
Empathic Ebony Morion Quartz – Healing and Transmutation
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This is an empathic 2.9 oz 1.9" by 1.9" by 0.9" Morion quartz from Brazil. She is deep smoky (with a touch of gold) but transparent when strongly backlit. She is totally healed at her base as well as several areas where she was damaged within the Earth and likewise healed. And the glyphs! They are everywhere … geometric, detailed and extraordinary! Some are etched in while some are created by a different texture. Fascinating is the only word that comes to mind because each is unique and each intriguing to the max! She has a few modern dings remaining, but nothing that detracts from her mysterious beauty and wondrous energy! Apologies for the photos – dark crystals are the hardest to photograph.

Morion is the Spanish word for "helmet", taken from the days of the conquistadors. Morions get their strong smoky color from growing in the areas where there are large uranium deposits – in her case Brazil. Through the eons, the natural radiation darkens them, although they are not radioactive at all now. But, the one thing that amazes me is their ability for transmutation. They took high doses of radioactivity and turned it into protective color. I love that she begins in darkness and emerges into the light in a similar fashion to our own healing processes. Her “family and friends” surround her and all rise together in beauty and harmony. All join energies in the healing process. Too often we think of healing as repairing from something bad and that we will never again be quite as good – that we are now damaged! Well, if we transmute that feeling, we heal better and stronger! She is an awesome personal Spirit that helps guide her Keeper through the healing process.

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Empathic Ebony Morion Quartz – Healing and Transmutation

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