#18449 Extra-Large Altar Plate of Hawks Eye (AKA Blue Tiger Eye)
Extra-Large Altar Plate of Hawks Eye (AKA Blue Tiger Eye)
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This is an extra-large 2 lb 0.6 oz plate of glorious blue tiger eye (also called hawks eye) measuring 6.6” by 5.6” by 1.3”. Top and bottom are a deep, rich golden ochre and the sides reveal the wondrous blue (and a bit of gold) chatoyancy that gives the mineral its name. I was delighted to find these in a shipment from South Africa and even more delighted to offer this wonderful altar plate to you! Usually, all you find are tumbled pieces and the energies of the untreated tiger eye are quite amazing!

Tiger eye is the great balancer and can literally be used tip to toe, to provide focus and clarity. I actually have a pair of earrings made out of tiger eye and wear them when I will be doing a lot of financial work … like taxes. Her energy is warm and friendly, providing self-assurance and confidence. And she is awesome for stimulating psychic ability. Because she is a balancer, she takes the edge off the negative feelings you have about your Self, your abilities (or perceived inabilities) and your fears. When used as an altar piece, she imparts those characteristics to the crystals you set on top. She is also excellent used as a center for any grids you set up for Self-improvement. You will find her a wonderful and warm friend.

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Extra-Large Altar Plate of Hawks Eye (AKA Blue Tiger Eye)

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