#18455 Glorious Brandberg Scepter Fire Amethyst Wand
Glorious Brandberg Scepter Fire Amethyst Wand
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This is a tiny but mighty 1.7 gram Brandberg amethyst scepter wand, 1.2” by 0.2” by 0.2”. Her termination is a nice generator (aka Merlin) and one of the most perfect ones I’ve seen. Her amethyst rises from the rod in a pool of ink-like, rich amethyst that seems to swirl as if in water. You’ll need a loupe to see the brilliant red flecks within her and the thin needles of silver rutile in the rod. The eons have placed a few glyphs on her faces and sides featuring with the Lemurian lines! She is in AAA condition and part of a collection of some of the first Brandbergs to come out of that area. My supplier was pleased to offer me these extremely special Spirits, and I, in turn, am excited to offer her to you – she is extraordinary!

The Brandberg quartz is among the oldest in the world and it’s always a surprise to me that it is so crystal clear and sparkling – it belies the true “old soul” nature of the Spirit within. And clearly, this Spirit is very old soul, almost grandmotherly. Her glyphs are the communication of the Elder within to her Keeper, and together with her scepter nature, demonstrate what is inside and what is becoming. Her lepidocrosite marks passion and the expression of what you love dearly. And her scepter represents a coming into power - the power of Self and Self-achievement. This Spirit brings us totally to who we are and helps her Keeper understand sense of purpose in this lifetime. She is a perfect size for pocket or medicine pouch and is sacred beyond words!

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Ancient, Glorious Brandberg Enhydro Scepter Fire Amethyst

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