#18493 Amazing Brazilian Growth Interference Quartz Cluster
Amazing Brazilian Growth Interference Quartz Cluster
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This is an unusual and somewhat humble-looking 7.3 oz, growth interference quartz cluster with two main points, 2.8” by 2.9” by 1.6” from Brazil. She has a flat and healed base that will allow her to self-stand and golden healer accents have colored her core in areas. To the side of the two large crystals there are some keys and a number of smaller crystals. All of the crystals even the small ones, show sharp and distinct growth interference markings and the crystalline structure is clearly altered by it. For the most part, she is milky throughout except for her terminations which are quite clear in spite of the heavy growth interference there … and check the terminal faces for nice glyphs! Her wonderful energies radiate outward and she functions rather like an antenna … if any cluster personified change and transformation, this one does!

Growth interference quartz is a transformation quartz. Layers of calcite shaped its beauty and then melted away through the eons. Deep within her soul, this Spirit knows about positive change and can assist you in dealing with and directing change in your own life. During the winter months, we turn largely to introspection but with the gradually lengthening days and the promise of spring and the return to the yang times, change becomes ever so evident. In nature, it happens without incident … the trees, the flowers, the animals all accept what comes and allow. This is our message … change happens in spite of our efforts to change it, so all we can do is flow with it and like the animals, allow … and grow with what change has taught us. This cluster is wondrous for helping us understand change and its importance to our own Spiritual growth.

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Amazing Brazilian Growth Interference Quartz Cluster

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