#18494 Ancient and Colorfully Banded and Spotted Shiva Lingam
Ancient and Colorfully Banded and Spotted Shiva Lingam
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This is a lovely 3.8 oz Shiva Lingam, 2.5” long and 1.3” in diameter with two intersecting bands of russet at one end with a large blotch that looks like a bear viewed from behind! The background is an earthy, but rich, clay-brown and he has a very ancient feel. Shiva Lingams are microcrystalline quartz and are shaped by the movement of the river waters in India. They are deftly and reverently hand-polished to a soft matte finish. This one will be anointed with sacred sandalwood oil of his Keeper would like it (please ask me!). As I said, he has an ancient look since his sides have numerous whitish areas where his polisher left these ancient markings to honor and revere his Elder status. He awaits his true Keeper.

Shiva Lingams hold great power. They represent the joining of a man and woman in beloved expression of their love. The Shiva Lingam represents the man. The Shiva Lingam is used to help balance and energize – I love to sit with one at the end of a long, stressful day, allowing him to pull out the negative energies and substitute grounding ones. It is truly, renewal on every level!

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Ancient and Colorfully Banded and Spotted Shiva Lingam

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