#18516 Lovely and Petite Golden Healer Sugarblade Quartz
Lovely and Petite Golden Healer Sugarblade Quartz
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This is a really pretty and pocket-sized 0.4 oz, 1.5” by 1.1” by 0.5” sugarblade quartz cluster from Madagascar. Sugarblade is a special type of elestial quartz in which the crystals are usually Merlin (all six sides come together for a common termination – also known as generator) and the sides are raised with the faces filled with tiny terminations. There are several sugarblade students to the front and more regular-looking quartz to the back as well as some keys. The back is rather flattened as if she grew against something hard and she has a lovely golden glow. A teeny bit of calcite fills some of the crevices to the back, and the front really displays the secondary growth of quartz that created the sugarblade. Study her with a loupe and you will see thousands of little terminations, gleaming and radiating a special energy … and she is a perfect size for wire-wrapping, pocket or medicine pouch.

I always wash each crystal before photographing and this one, in particular, has an extremely heady crystal musk! When you meditate with her, wet her with rainwater and allow the fragrance to rise as it will enhance your total experience with her. Her phantoms represent the Self, the core, yet she carries a message of collective consciousness beyond your own core – the All That Is. As you meditate, you will become aware of all these Spirits: yours, others, all the aspects of your Self, all there and all One. Imagine an infinite indigo pool in which you lose yourself, being one with it and it with you. Gently enter that pool and allow your consciousness to mingle with all within; it is an unbelievable “rush” to feel and sense. You now know that you are never totally alone, that there is always this resource to draw from – to offer understanding, compassion, knowledge and experience. You gain an understanding of your true role in the Universe as well as the interrelatedness of all others. A peace descends, like none other you have known. This Spirit is a Master Crystal, joining you to All That Is, now and forever. The indigo pool is yours.

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Lovely and Petite Golden Healer Sugarblade Quartz

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