#18544 Brilliant Centaurus Starbrary Quartz with Window, Isis Faces, Hematite Spheroids
Brilliant Centaurus Starbrary Quartz with Window, Isis Faces, Hematite Spheroids
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This is a brilliant Brazilian arrival, 2.1 oz and 2.75” by 1” by 1”. The base is healed and there are keys om two sides with one slightly impinging a third. Every other side (and the terminal faces) has these tiny, circular keys where hematite spheroids once resided and one side has a few of the spheroids intact. These keys are so numerous that it belies the true clarity of the crystal. The spheroid sides have no Lemurian lines while the Lemurian lined ones have an assortment of diagonal lines adjoining what looks like Ursa Minor starbrary glyphs. But these glyphs are backward and more like mirror images. Instead of looking like meteors, they resemble sideways record keepers. I also get that the patterns created by the spheroid keys are also part of the language. In working with these crystals, I was given the information that the strange star language is from the Centaurus star peoples. There is a relatively large window with three adjoining Isis faces as well … you will also notice a few record keepers on her dominant seven-sided face. She has a few tiny dings but nothing of significance.

We live in an unimaginably vast universe with millions of galaxies and even more star systems with planets. Interestingly, as I researched the constellation, Centaurus, I found that it contains Proxima Centauri which is the closest star to our sun. It is a mere 4.3 light years away. This means that if a ship were able to move at the speed of light, it would reach the sun in 4.3 years and Earth in an additional 8 minutes. Two planets have been discovered orbiting Proxima Centauri and they are in the “Goldilocks zone”. Further, Centaurus is a constellation visible in the southern skies and it was recognized by both the Greeks and Romans who thought it resembled the centaur … the mythical half man-half horse. In legend, it was the centaur, Chiron, who was so learned that he became the mentor to Achilles, Asclepius, Hercules and Jason among others. In these glyphs, I find a fascinating and well-ordered language that describes mathematics, physics, astronomy and interestingly … ethics. We have much to learn from the Centurion peoples.

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Brilliant Centaurus Starbrary Quartz with Window, Isis Faces, Hematite Spheroids

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