#18552 Fascinating Diamond-Shaped Rose-Brown Mica – Self Study
Fascinating Diamond-Shaped Rose-Brown Mica – Self Study
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This absolutely fascinating crystal is 1.1 oz and 3.2” by 1.4” by 0.15” and is from Brazil. Her mica is diamond shaped and a lovely shade of rose-tinted toast, all stacked into a thin, layered book. In fact, there is a backlit picture that shows that she is translucent as my fingers are visible right through her! She glows with a special light - she is a most unusual and beautiful crystalline Spirit!

This Spirit has an amazing way of cutting through pretense and outward representation, right to the “quick” of the matter. She allows you to see things in a completely different manner, opening your Self to latent abilities. In this manner, she serves to allay your fears for it is difficult to fear that which you know. She supports introspection and inner knowing … she is a wondrous Spirit, cloaked in mystery, yet open in her energies and ready to facilitate your own exploration of Self, critical to your growth as a Light Worker.

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Fascinating Diamond-Shaped Rose-Brown Mica – Self Study

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