#18595 Ancient Russet Shaman’s Scepter - Madagascar Quartz
Ancient Russet Shaman’s Scepter - Madagascar Quartz
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This is an unusual scepter from Madagascar, 2.4 oz and 2.6” by 1.4” by 1.2” … and he looks a bit like a lovestar except that he is a scepter with insets of students around his crown! There is a tiny bit of clarity in his termination, but within his well-glyphed faces (including a trigonic record keeper), you can see bits of hematite and little manifestors! You will need a loupe to see them well! He is in excellent condition and ready for his most special Keeper.

This Spirit is a very special medicine pouch Spirit that may be used by a Shaman or Wicca. He calls upon the powers of the World of Magic and brings special vision to his Keeper. I get the sense that his special gift is that of herbs and herbal remedies. He allows his Keeper to tap into the vibrations of the plant kingdom, allowing each to present their special gift to healing. Use him with care, taking precautions not to abuse. He is dedicated to healing and truly wants no other purpose.

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Ancient Russet Shaman’s Scepter - Madagascar Quartz

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