#18617 Pale Pink Lemurian Isis-Osiris Quartz with Strange Starbrary Glyphs
Pale Pink Lemurian Isis-Osiris Quartz with Strange Starbrary Glyphs
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This is a sweet and stunning 1.9 oz pink Lemurian quartz, 2.75” by 0.9” by 1” from the Serra do Cabral Mountains in Brazil. Her color is a pale pink with slight matte finish on one side and lustrous sides on the remaining ones. Interestingly, these sides are covered with what looks like Virgo starbrary glyphs but they are far more detained and are intersected by vertical lines, gently etched … like a checkerboard. She is beautifully clear except just over her healed and slanted base and there are two small, shallow keys just over the base. Her small faces include two nice Isis and one Osiris … and her sides undulate! She also has an “Isis” extra facet with adjoining past timeline and a rectangular “present” one since it neither is a past or future – you will need a loupe to see these well. There are the tiniest of dings, but otherwise, she is perfectly exquisite!

The legends of the love Egyptian goddess Isis had for her beloved Osiris inspire the perfection of unity between Earth and Divine. It represents one of the greatest loves in history, showing us that love transcends life, death and time. It is eternal, always and forever. Isis is magic, the giver of life, wisdom and teaching – the symbol of femininity and all that is ‘yin’. Osiris is the yang, in perfect balance to the yin. She truly speaks to eternal love in all its facets and is a crystal that one lover might give to another as a measure of the beloved nature they share.

It is said that the pink Lemurians were found, resting in the sand, without matrix or attachment in, seeded here on Earth for today’s Light Worker. They are becoming more and more scarce, and a treasure to cherish, particularly with the smoky tones that brings in elements of protection, grounding and balance. This sweet lady has a gentle presence that settles immediately in the heart and reaches to the core of Self. She teaches that healing truly begins with the heart – if we believe and sense with our hearts, it is possible for profound effects to be felt in both the physical and ethereal realms. She is the connection, the bridge, that joins us with All That Is. And with that connection, we can truly access the wisdom of the ages. She holds the healing records of Star Ancestors and the Lemurian civilizations. She has appeared in this time because of our needs and the awakening of the proper Keepers who will maintain the purity of that vast collection of knowledge. Channel your love through her and watch the world change!

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Pale Pink Lemurian Isis-Osiris Quartz with Strange Starbrary Glyphs

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