#18624 Rare Aricuai Smoky Scepter Quartz with Lepidocrosite
Rare Aricuai Smoky Scepter Quartz with Lepidocrosite
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This is a scepter quartz from Aricuai, Brazil, weighing 0.7 oz and measuring 1.75” by 0.9” by 0.8” and a rarity in that Aricuai does not generally produce quartz with lepidocrosite. She is a light smoky and she has a bit of a kinked look from an ancient key plus her scepter crown is skewed to one side, adding to the effect. Imagine my surprise when I backlit her and she glowed red from all the lepidocrosite included within! With a loupe, you’ll see tiny spheroids of hematite as well. There are light Lemurian lines and nice, albeit subtle, glyphs and truly, she is one of the most unusual quartzes you’ll ever see! I apologize – it was hard to capture the true intricacy of this Spirit in photos – you will be astounded tough as you explore her with a loupe … she is totally wonderful!

For whatever reason, I like to wet this Spirit while I work with her. The dampness seems to really enhance that earthy look and feel and is heady on the air like a musk of antiquity. This Spirit speaks of ceremony and ancient rites. Peoples of early Earth had an oral tradition and a wonderful way of “schooling” their children. Children followed their elders and watched everything they did from the most common to the most intricate. In this manner, they learned ceremony, work, skills, hierarchy, social graces, etc. Children were always permitted their play, but had important things to do as well. And at the appropriate times, their growth and achievement was celebrated in rites and rituals. This Spirit was used in this manner, calling forth the ancient knowledge of the Crystalline Spirits to add to the lessons of each initiate. She is also a Spirit to consult with dream interpretation. To the Aborigine, dreaming is reality and consciousness is the dream. While, no other peoples share this belief, they all agree on the importance of the dream in communicating important information to the conscious mind. Dreams can warn of impending disaster, permit reunion with departed Spirits, allow you to process complex information and achieve Soul advancement. The key is to tap into it using a Spirit who will help. I realize that she is not the most drop dead gorgeous crystal you will ever see, but her ability to help transcends the physical. She is there to help!

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Rare Aricuai Smoky Scepter Quartz with Lepidocrosite

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