#18630 Spectacular Grape Amethyst with Cacoxinite Eye
Spectacular Grape Amethyst with Cacoxinite Eye
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This spectacular 1.6 oz amethyst is from Rio Grande do Sol in Brazil and measures 2” by 1.3” by 1.2”. She is what is called an amethyst root, carefully separated from large geode clusters, so there are keys all around her, perfect for accommodating fingers and thumb. Her color intensifies into the rich violet of her termination as. What separates her from all other Brazilian amethyst, however, is the stunning jewel-like “eye”! There is an eye “key” on one side, and with a loupe, you’ll see that she has a number of tiny ones as well. The eye is generally a calcite orb, heavily included with cacoxinite and you can easily see the formation in this Spirit, making her a wonder to study with a loupe! These are very rare and in Brazil, are called Oho do Supo (eye of the frog). You simply cannot believe how gorgeous she is … and most definitely loupe worthy! There is a healed little ding at the terminal apex, but she is so beautiful and so sweetly energetic that this is not worrisome in the least.

Calcite is a mineral of change and amethyst, one of spirituality, enlightenment and protection. Cacoxinite adds purity of purpose and another level of Spirituality to an already highly Spiritual crystal. Together, the three in this Spirit, shift her Keeper to lofty new dimensions as her energies expand and sooth your mind, relaxing into the meditation. If you think about your Crown Chakra and the Ethereal Chakras above it, the amethyst represents the Crown and the calcite represents how the energies radiate out and fill those Chakras. The cacoxinite described the physical embodiment, critical to the integration of Spiritual advancement. It is now time for us as Light Workers to fully activate ALL of our Chakras. This will bring us each to a higher state of awareness and Spiritual achievement. Work with this Spirit and feel how the energy rushes through the Crown – it will definitely give you a move balanced and whole feeling! Don’t forget to ground as it is easy to overdo, particularly in the first few sittings with her. And drink lots of water afterward as well – you will be surprised at the internal toxins you will move!

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Spectacular Grape Amethyst with Cacoxinite Eye

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