#18645 Astonishing Smoky DT Elestial Quartz with Nine Enhydros
Astonishing Smoky DT Elestial Quartz with Nine Enhydros
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Where to start with this small but magnificent crystal – he’s from Brazil. He is pocket sized (well … for a larger pocket … ), 1.1 oz and 2” by 1” by 0.7” and he is a DT with a few “red” spots from splotches of hematite. He is fenstered and relatively clear and I counted NINE enhydros inside! Explore him with a loupe and maybe you’ll find more. And some are even visible in the pictures. His base is flat and well-glyphed and it looks like a huge face with golden healer accents. Contrasted with his beautifully elestial top, this offers two potential energies in perfect balance. He is outstanding in every way and I guarantee that he will take your breath away!

Smokies are wonderful crystals to work with during transition – they even out the stress and help us understand the true nature of change, one experience spilling over another. Change, in spite of how if may seem, rarely happens all at once – we experience it little by little until we hit a “tipping point” and something dramatic happens. The little noise in your car continues to get worse until one day, the car won’t start. It’s the same with those little red flags we see in life – the ones that warn us when we are doing something that is counter to our belief system. As we ignore flag after flag, the Universe has to catch our attention with something big happening – often nothing we would do on our own. Working with this Spirit will help you come to an understanding of the flags we displayed as well as the consequences of ignoring them. It is one thing to have to deal with a non-functional car, but quite another with a non-functional relationship, job or life. Enhydros teach us flexibility and balance in transition. We are on this Earth in this form to make Spiritual advancements. He is an astounding partner and one who will be a treasure to his true Keeper.

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Astonishing Smoky DT Elestial Quartz with Nine Enhydros

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