#18697 Beautiful Baby Blue Botryoidal Smithsonite
Beautiful Baby Blue Botryoidal Smithsonite
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From Arizona, comes this incredible 1.9 oz, 2” by 1.4” by 1.1” piece of light baby blue smithsonite … aa more rare color of smithsonite! The marvelously-formed botryoidal crystals cover a variegated deep brown, black and tan-colored matrix. To the side, there are a couple of these in cross-section and it shows the radiating habit and glitters as it catches the light. The little “bubbles” sparkle and shimmer with a kind of movement – dazzling! Get your loupe out to totally enjoy the show and see the amazing texture – these are so beautiful!

As you know, I wash every crystalline Spirit before photographing them so they look their best. Well, as I did, I noted a strong and particularly heady crystalline musk from this beauty. It just filled my head as I looked at her and wow – I was off! When doing crystal healing work, smithsonite is used to balance and activate sluggish chakras. When I did crystal healing, occasionally, I would place a smithsonite over the Third Eye of the patient and many reported an increase in psychic ability while others said that were aware of a distinct angelic presence. This Spirit is more than that … she is wonderful for allowing you to come face-to-face with your Self and seeing the facets of total being. She reminds us they only our Self is responsible for our own happiness and we can CHOOSE to be happy or not. This realization presents a balance and with that balance and peace, we take control, thus opening our Self to higher Spiritual evolution.

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Beautiful Baby Blue Botryoidal Smithsonite

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