#18721 Pair of Ancient Nummulite Fossils
Pair of Ancient Nummulite Fossils
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Nummulites are disc or lenticle-shaped fossils with a complex system of internal chambers arranged in a coil. Despite the fact that they can reach 6 cm in diameter, nummulites are the skeletons of single-celled organisms (Foraminifera) that resembled the amoeba. They lived on the seabed primarily during the Eocene and Oligocene periods about 50 to 25 million years ago. They are found in the North African desert countries and derived their name from their resemblance to early coins. This pair totals 0.3 oz and each is about 1” in diameter. They are a yellowish cream color with interesting surface markings (best explored with a loupe) that to me, resemble ancient fingerprints. And interestingly, they sound a bit like coins when they clink together. They are totally fascinating and their energy will astound you! These are from Egypt.

When I worked with these, I found that by placing one in the palm of each outstretched hand (and change hands and nummulite sides until you get the energy flow adjusted), the energy movement was calming, centering and focusing. They formed a triangle with the Third Eye as it certainly was activated … gently but deliberately … and talk about stress reduction! For something so humble-looking, they are certainly hard workers!

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Pair of Ancient Nummulite Fossils

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