#18723 Powerful Light Smoky Russian Lemurian Quartz Crystal Crown
Powerful Light Smoky Russian Lemurian Quartz Crystal Crown
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This 5.4 oz, 2.5” by 2.6” by 1.3” somewhat pyramidal Russian Lemurian quartz is actually a crystal crown – broken off a larger crystal within the Earth and healed through the eons. He has marvelous, albeit subtle, glyphs mingled with his nice Lemurian lines that are best studied with a loupe. Interestingly, as you turn him in the light, you can see layers from internal fractures in the temperature cycling of his native Russia. His faces are rather large compared to his sides (typical of a crystal crown) and his color is a gentle and light smoky, highlighted by a bit of golden healer at the base. There are some tiny dings, but nothing of significance. He is from the Ushniy Quarry, Ushniy (Village), Chelyabinsk Oblast in Russia and is old, old stock that will fit perfectly in your hand for personal meditations.

The noted crystal worker, JaneAnn Dow was the first to work with and write about the Russian Lemurians and she gave them the name of “Sacred Scribe”. She generally found them a wealth of information and detail (from the glyphs on the faces), particularly about healing, but she stresses that they are not so much about healing as for affecting our circumstances and that of the entire planet. She also felt that these crystals were activators for others – either in a grid or with one in the other hand during meditation. These crystals were literally recovered from rock tumbler conditions in the mine and through the years, they healed with multiple terminations and elestial growth. These are truly Master Healers on many levels.

This Spirit has indicated that he wants to work with a Keeper who is a crystal healer or Reiki practitioner. With this number of students, he is an able teacher and as such, is able to assist his Keeper in understanding the true nature of illness. He is rich with protective energies and although many Sacred Scribes do not have healing roles, his is very definite. Even holding him for a few minutes makes you feel “more in place” – as if fine adjustments have been made. He is a very unique Spirit and truly wants to help all humans reach their true potential. He is a perfect hand size and would be excellent used in a grid around a patient. He will help ensure a through treatment on multi-levels.

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Powerful Light Smoky Russian Lemurian Quartz Crystal Crown

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