#18724 Pretty Pink and Blue Paraiba (aka Neon) Tourmaline
Pretty Pink and Blue Paraiba (aka Neon) Tourmaline
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This is an incredibly beautiful 6.8 gram crystal of Paraiba tourmaline 0.9” by 0.7” by 0.5”! This beauty comes from Brazil and is named for the Paraiba mines that first produced this neon blue tourmaline. Copper contributes the unique color and intensifies the energy. She is pink in the center, alternated lighter pink and a bit of purplish-pink then topped with a bright more-gemmy termination. teal-blue. I can’t believe how gorgeous she is – gemmy in a few areas, yet truly beautiful in a soft and gentle kind of way and a Spirit who will have you constantly looking at her with a loupe!

This is without a doubt, a heart stone. As soon as you hold her, there is no other consideration. We, as a human species, have this fear of expressing our Self. If someone asks what we want to do, we say “I don’t care” just because we’re afraid we will differ if we indicate how we truly feel. As a result, decisions either become frustrating, if not impossible, events or someone else chooses for us. This Spirit works gently with us, allowing us to give voice to the heart – after all, in our heart, we already KNOW the answer. We know what we must do next, how we must proceed, what we must say, and yet, it remains in our heart. No wonder our hearts get heavy! Think about it – the longer we deny our heart its voice, the more of a blockage we will build in this important gateway Chakra. Use her in personal meditation or on a patient in a crystal healing or Reiki practice. You will find her energies soothing and gentle as she patiently assists in removing heart blockages. She is as wonderful as rose quartz for healing the center of Self … and astoundingly beautiful!

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Pretty Pink and Blue Paraiba (aka Neon) Tourmaline

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