#18734 Stunning Polished Electric Blue Lapis with Pyrite
Stunning Polished Electric Blue Lapis with Pyrite
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This is a wonderful sort of rectangular piece of polished lapis, encrusted with sparkling golden pyrite running in veins through her. She is 5.7 oz and 2.1” by 1.5” by 1.2” and three sides show an indentation in the center that makes her very comfortable to hold. She is electric blue and fits well in the hand, perfect for personal meditation or Reiki/crystal healing.

Lapis is an amazing energy. Most of us know her for her abilities to open the Third Eye, but she is an important ally in the war on psychic attack. Many don’t realize that psychic attack has occurred – we experience a malaise and tiredness and attribute it to other things. This Spirit should actively be used by a Healer to assist in “deflecting” such energies, deftly returning them to their source. These energies are not changed in any way and cause no harm but merely go back to their source. In this manner, she can help maintain her Keeper in an unaffected aura!

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Stunning Polished Electric Blue Lapis with Pyrite

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