#18766 Glyph-Covered Empathic Wowie-Zowie Pyrite-Filled Starbrary Quartz
Glyph-Covered Empathic Wowie-Zowie Pyrite-Filled Starbrary Quartz
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From Brazil comes this incredible 4.6 oz, 3.5” by 1.4” by 1” quartz point with a healed base and loads of glitter. The sparkle comes from tiny crystals of pyrite all over and accented in areas by shy rainbows. Once again, the camera gave me fits with this one as sparkle is SO hard to capture, but as you turn this Spirit in the light, you immediately see the sparkles from pyrite crystals included within him … there are literally hundreds of them! His sides hold nice Lemurian lines and an abundance of starbrary glyphs … most are Cassiopeian, but there are other unidentified ones as well. Now he is an empath (a warrior with a starting-to-heal ding making him a faceless warrior) but his energy is so striking and intense that you will scarcely notice.

Pyrite is an awesome energy – bright, strong, yang and protective. In the winter times of year, as we experience the diminishing sunlight and longer darkness, many of us begin to respond to the coming of the yin time. For many, the yin time is creative, meditative and balancing. For many who are yang deficient, this change pulls them into severe deficit and they simply need an infusion – a trip to Florida or a few hours near a full-spectrum light. This Spirit would be wonderful in a grid set up to restore the yin-yang energy equality and bring your Being into better balance. He stimulates the communications between our right and left brain so that we bring exactly the forces we need to into play – in short, sitting in meditation with this Spirit helps us “be all that we can be” (without joining the Army …): balanced, strong and protected. His internal fire is amazing and reminds us that in spite of the cold and the snow, we do have an internal fire that radiates outward in beauty and wondrous expression. When we come into balance, we become that fire … now, who doesn’t need that? And I like also that he is a starbrary, enabling additional energy balancing from Star Ancestors.

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Glyph-Covered Empathic Wowie-Zowie Pyrite-Filled Starbrary Quartz

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