#18805 Elegant Pleiadian DT Quartz Wand - Light Gatherer
Elegant Pleiadian DT Quartz Wand - Light Gatherer
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At 1.1 oz and 4.75" by 0.8” by 0.45”, this DT quartz wand from Brazil, is elegant and light-filled. He shows remarkable clarity in spite of the dominance of the Pleiadian glyphs (and a few Cassiopeian) on his sides and his few dancing mists. He has a skewed, pencil-like termination at one end with a skewed sort of tabby termination at the other … he is shaped a bit like a knife and he has a slow, sweet song. A single teeny student resides on one side and he is remarkably tactile. He is positively radiant and brilliant and an amazing handful of energy. There are some very teeny-tiny dings, but nothing of any significance at all!

I love the way this Spirit fills with light! It’s as if he gathers all the energy in the room and focuses it into an immense beam of light! He would love to work with a crystal healer or Reiki practitioner where he can be used for “psychic surgery”, deftly carving out energy blockages, implants from past lives and negative energy pockets. Whether we realize it or now, our aura is a blueprint of our physical, emotional and Spiritual health. Disease at all levels show here and can be treated here as well. It is important to note that as with conventional medicine, this is simply treating the symptom, but it gives the body a jump-start so that the root cause can be addressed. This Spirit is an important tool for setting the stage and accelerating the true healing to follow. These wands were used in Atlantis and highly sought-after ones at that! Although they were abused in that period, they are appearing once again, but with modifications so that they are never used with that intent again. Their role now is primarily healing. He is an astounding and capable helper and will be a true blessing to his Keeper.

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Elegant Pleiadian DT Quartz Wand – Light Gatherer

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