#18807 Fascinating Tenebrescent Hackmanite
Fascinating Tenebrescent Hackmanite
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This is a 0.2 oz 0.9” by 0.8” by 0.4” crystal of rare hackmanite from Finland. This is an unusual form of sodalite (often called purple sodalite) as it has the same chemical formula but looks quite different (like carbon and diamond). This crystal exhibits renebrescence meaning that it shows a reversible photochromism. When exposed to sunlight, it becomes purple and when taken away, it fades to white. She is quite neat, but petite and comes with a hackmanite traveling companion. The companion has touches of hackmanite and the rest remains white. She is from my personal collection and passes to her new Keeper with much love … and is a perfect size for pocket or medicine pouch.

Hackmanite is a wonderful stone for enhancing your meditations and interesting, she helps balance intuition with logic … the heart and the mind. And what a joy that is! I love watching the color shift on a sunny day and it persists for some time after the light recedes. Used in a Reiki or crystal healing practice, she can help with depression and sense of belonging. She is a sweetheart and you will be in love!

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Fascinating Tenebrescent Hackmanite (Purple Sodalite)

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