#18854 Exquisite DT Tabby Elestial Light Smoky Quartz Traveler
Exquisite DT Tabby Elestial Light Smoky Quartz Traveler
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This is a wonderful very light smoky DT elestial tabby crystal, 3.5 oz and 3.1” by 3” by 0.8”, from Brazil! Although gleaming and bright, he still has an old and ancient feel to him – like a crystalline sage! There is an array of little students lining his circumference and there are marvelous glyphs, Lemurian lines and elestial castling. Actually, he is rather disc-shaped and he seems to have no up or down if you know what I mean. The dark areas are bits of darkest blue tourmaline, adding a nice, mellow energy to him! He is from my personal collection and our time together is complete … he passes to her new Keeper with much love. He is truly amazing!

This Spirit is an explorer’s crystal, used like a scrying mirror. His elestial terminations offer a perfect finger “perches” so that you can adjust and guide the energies. His smoky medium, though light, offers protection, but also tremendous energy as you open that exploration. Worlds of the Spirit unfold and wherever you direction your thoughts, he takes you. If you seek past life information, you are there; if future possibilities, there also. If other worlds, again, there you are. Other times, other dimensions, other points in space … all are available. I like the energies better than a crystal ball – they are unaltered by polishing and re-directioning of the natural currents in the crystal. He is just an absolutely amazing and stunning Spirit and will bring many hours of meditation, information and pure joy to his Keeper!

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Exquisite DT Tabby Elestial Light Smoky Quartz Traveler

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