#18855 Fabulous Merlin Congo Citrine Lightbrary
Fabulous Merlin Congo Citrine Lightbrary
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This is an absolutely fabulous old stock Congo citrine surrounded by a bevy of students in classic lightbrary formation. She is 1.1 oz and 1.85" by 0.9” by 0.9” and her color is a lovely golden yellow. The bit of golden healer clinging to her student crevices adds a splendid raw energy. She is a Merlin – all her faces come together at a common, symmetrical termination. Her students gather around her and lovely but shy for the camera, rainbows peak out from within. A few keys show where students once resided. She is in excellent condition for a Congo citrine. Most from the old stock are pretty dinged-up; she has only a little ding at the terminal apex. She is from my personal collection and our time together is complete … she passes to her new Keeper with much love.

The Congo citrines are absolutely spectacular – joyful and ebullient in their energies. They radiate love and abundance, transmuting negativity and bad energies as they go. I particularly like to use Congos in the heart chakra since they open the heart to all the abundance the Spirit needs. Her Merlin termination and wonderful rainbows add a really magical quality to her joy! This is an important Spirit to keep with you or tuck under your pillow at night to remind you of the perfection in simple abundance: having enough for yourself and enough to share. She will help you balance your physical, emotional and Spiritual lives and maintain that critical balance, banishing stress and anger. She is a wonderful assistant to the Light Worker!

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Fabulous Merlin Congo Citrine Lightbrary

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