#18858 Gorgeous Noble Serpentine Speaker Stone
Gorgeous Noble Serpentine Speaker Stone
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This is a special Spirit is a 2.1 oz, 2” by 1.5” by 1.2” polished piece of gorgeous green Noble Serpentine from northeastern Washington State. This depth of color is rare and is likely olivine-rich peridotite metamorphosed to serpentine. Serpentine itself is a complex blend of up to 16 different minerals that can include magnesium, chromium, manganese and calcite. She is a sort of triangular shape, beautifully polished to display her stunning colors. There is a “dent” on one side, perfect for a thumb-tip perch and there is a wondrous smooth and soothing feel to her. Once you feel her energies, you will not want to put her down!

Native Americans constantly utilized a sacred stone as it facilitated talk with animals, plants, minerals and Spirits. It was this connection that was treasured in enabling the Shaman to interpret dreams and visions. This is such a Spirit, rich in her healing and scrying qualities. Her Keeper will find that this Spirit is a powerful talisman for communications on all levels – a true ‘Speaker Stone’ in every regard. Use her to access those without physical voice and experience a whole new level of knowing! Her yellow-green aspects are also perfect for bringing the energies of the lower Chakras into physical expression, enabling a renewed vitality and feeling of well-being. She is a super-stone for all levels and one to have with you constantly!

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Gorgeous Noble Serpentine Speaker Stone

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