#18867 Minty Celadonite Phantom Many Dow Quartz Cluster with Intense Golden Healer
Minty Celadonite Phantom Many Dow Quartz Cluster with Intense Golden Healer
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This is a luscious 7.1 oz, 3.9” by 3.1” by 1.95” beautiful Madagascar quartz cluster and is from a new supply where the color is much more intense and really fills the termination … and the phantoms of these are particularly sharp! The base is a thin layer of golden healer stained (in areas) and glittery quartzite with the golden healer being particularly intense on the top. The interesting thing is that this cluster has not just one Dow, but many! I counted four … and it was a bit hard to tell with several others! She makes a perfect meditation cluster or one for a smaller altar.

Dows are known as Master Crystals. Threes represent Mind, Body and Soul; Life, Death, Rebirth. Sevens represent the seven frequencies of the tonal scale, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven Chakras. Together the 7+3 equals 10: another numeric perfection: ten toes, ten fingers, etc. Added together, they make 30, another 3 and representative of the full circle. Phantoms enable the Keeper to delve within, see the hidden, and manifest significant change in our lives. Together, these make powerful additions to an already powerful crystal.

This Spirit is so angelic and filled with such sweetness and joy. Her demeanor speaks of love and opens a channel to the angelic beings. With her ethereal phantom, she reminds us of how the angels are also within us, waiting for a voice. Interestingly, when you consider how a scepter forms, it’s an overgrowth of quartz (essentially a second crystal forming over a smaller one … the ultimate phantom and manifestor! It’s easy then to see how scepters become associated with power and not the kind of power that arises from politics, position or riches, but the strength of Self-knowing. She is a lovely personal Spirit for she will be very dedicated to her true Keeper and will not want to be separated. And if it would serve her Keeper well, she would enjoy being with a Keeper who is also a Healer as there are patients out there who would benefit from her energies and healing capacity.

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Minty Celadonite Phantom Many Dow Quartz Cluster with Intense Golden Healer

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