#18943 Amazing Golden Libra Starbrary Quartz Wand - New Starbrary
Amazing Golden Libra Starbrary Quartz Wand - New Starbrary
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This is an arrival from Brazil … and imagine my surprise when I discovered a whole new starbrary! This is a 2 oz, 2.9” by 1.1” by 0.8” amazing golden quartz wand with keys around all but one side of her base. She has a somewhat skewed termination and the faces are subtly glyphed and bear a number of record keepers … a loupe will help you see them as they are faint. Interestingly, there is a tiny, tiny window and a raiser termination at the edge of one face … she is a very subtle Dauphine twin! The sides are covered with starbrary glyphs. Most all of the starbraries only have glyphs on every other side … the Libra has glyphs on all sides (although some sides more than others) and even in bas relief in the keys! The glyphs are varied and yet sweeping … somewhat like a Cassiopeia but much more detailed and intricate. Her color is a rich gold, leaning just a hair towards orange. She is simply extraordinary and her messages are awaiting her special Keeper! There are some tony dings along the facial edges but nothing of significance.

Starbraries are recognized by the presence of glyph-like markings, symbols and geometric patterns plus usually a doorway or key. By aligning fingers with the doorways or keys, you can unlock different layers, depending on orientation. Companion crystals are important - they either come with the crystal (purchased with or given with) or appear shortly thereafter. They don't have to be quartz, but work with the main crystal to unlock different layers or even gain access to the crystal itself. All Starbraries work like that - the companions facilitate access, although it's possible to gain access just from the Starbrary itself. All of the starbrary formations hold information of peoples who had a positive influence on human growth and evolution. The records were left here so that in the event of catastrophe, there would be a permanent record to help Earth rebuild. Starbraries were placed in many locations so the records could be accessed by peoples all over the world. There are sets of crystals - like chapters or series. When one comes to you, all of a sudden, you will find many more. It is important to ask the order to read them.

Libra starbraries are new … and the messages bring a sense of balance. We love to think of the world as divided as is the yin and yang where there is a clear division between the two. Unfortunately, you can’t live like that … life exists on the line between them where there is a balance between the two. Future must be considered and balanced with the past. Technology is a wonderful thing but its effect on our lives must be realized as not all technology has a positive long-term effect. Native Americans call it “seventh generation” where every decision must show the effect on succeeding generations. Such is the message the Libra Star Peoples brought and it is one that is even more important today. The appearance of the Libra starbrary is not only timely but critical.

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Amazing Golden Libra Starbrary Quartz Wand - New Starbrary

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