#18989 White Raven Well-Etched Quartz with Green Tourmaline
White Raven Well-Etched Quartz with Green Tourmaline
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This is a fascinating and etched, old stock, 10.8 oz quartz, 4.4” by 1.8” by 1.8” from Minas Gerais, Brazil. He has a definite rugged and Old Soul look with his etchings and tourmaline keys but in truth, he is healed all over but the ding to one side that is in the early stages of healing. There is a bit of albite on his sides and the green tourmaline has definitely created growth interference on him. A few small rods remain as well as bits of the original tourmaline lining two keys, one large and one smaller. The colors are wondrous and he is beyond a doubt an Old Soul, an Ancient Elder and a Guru! If you give him a chance, he will show you how awesome he truly is!

OK, I know he is a quartz, not a raven, but I get definite raven energies from him – bold, soaring and ever watchful. Raven has long been regarded as the Keeper of Magic, familiar to Shamans, Druids and wizards. Yet Raven was not always black and peoples all over the world have legends of how Raven lost his white feathers in service to the Earth and peoples of purity of heart. Raven’s power is the power of mystery, an understanding of the magic deep within us all. He is the messenger, carrying the energy flow from the magic of the ceremony to the intended destination. As we manifest this magic in our lives, we must take care first, to preserve the purest of intent and second, to trust in the magic and not abruptly terminate it by attitude, believe or insecurity. Raven encourages you to go within and discover your true inner power, being unafraid of the consequences of pure intent. As you sit with White Raven, he reminds you of the Beginning and carries you on his crystalline wings to that time when magic had power. He is anxious to restore that time to a Keeper who will honor the magic, the intent and the message.

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White Raven Well-Etched Quartz with Green Tourmaline

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