#18996 Brilliant Lightest Smoky Lemurian Quartz Starbrary - Rosetta Stone, Timelines
Brilliant Lightest Smoky Lemurian Quartz Starbrary - Rosetta Stone, Timelines
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This is a 5.8 oz, 4.35” by 1.25” by 1.2” blushed smoky and opalescent quartz from Brazil. She has wonderful clarity although there are silver shields blended with a few mists in at her base and you’ll note some vivid but shy rainbows within her. Her sides bear a plethora of starbrary glyphs … Virgo, Pleiadian, Ursa Minor and Draco making her a Rosetta stone … and on her face, a large record keeper. Some glyphs are so lightly inscribed or tiny that you will need a loupe and a good, indirect light to see them well. She has a tall student partially impinging one terminal face and a large past timeline as well as a small future one. She does have a few tiny dings (including a nick at the terminal apex … shown) but otherwise in exceptional and filled with Star People information!

She is without a doubt, a Lemurian but has the bearing of an enlightened one, a high priestess, a shamaness. In general, Pleiadian starbraries are associated with Lemuria, but she definitely has a different association … that of an early teacher and in particular, one to unite the peoples of Earth with their star ancestors. Her energies are gentle, but also very insistent. She holds keys to Lemurian life and the influences provided by the star peoples. Her messages are most useful to a Keeper with Lemurian roots or a definite knowledge of star roots!

All of the Starbrary formations hold information of peoples who had a positive influence on human growth and evolution. The records were left here so that in the event of catastrophe, there would be a permanent record to help Earth rebuild. Starbraries were placed in many locations so the records could be accessed by peoples all over the world. There are sets of crystals - like chapters or series. When one comes to you, all of a sudden, you will find many more. It is important to ask the order to read them.

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Brilliant Lightest Smoky Lemurian Quartz Starbrary – Rosetta Stone, Isis Faces

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