#19006 Edura, Empathic Twinned Lemurian Cathedral Quartz
Edura, Empathic Twinned Lemurian Cathedral Quartz
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This is a lovely cathedraled and twinned quartz, weighing 3.1 oz and measuring 3.1” by 1.4” by 0.9”. Her given name is Edura, sweet Priestess of Lemuria. Ancient starbrary glyphs highlight her sides and it is apparent that through it all, she was a brave Warrioress, defender of the Light. Hold her between the palms and visions begin to appear as she recalls for you her vast knowledge of the Lemurian civilization. Her sides hold a bit of mica and some golden healer. When backlit, she radiates beautifully from within. Edura is from Brazil and although an empath (all her dings are healed but the scars remain), you will not find a more sweet and wonderful Spirit.

When you first hold this Spirit, you will be amazed by the sheer energy she emits! This is a lady of clarity and mystery; of past and of future; of knowing and teaching; of power and humility and is truly Lemurian through and through. She recalls a time when the Lemurian race was at its apex, strong and deeply knowledgeable in the healing arts. She was the tool of a High Priestess and used in ancient ceremonies; she was carried by the Priestess at all times and says that she was stored in a red beaded pouch emblazoned with lapis and amethyst and worn at the waist. She has told me that her rightful Keeper will either be the Priestess herself or the one of her court and will recognize her immediately. She wishes to make healing information available in this lifetime and that her true Keeper will have that interest.

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Edura, Empathic Twinned Lemurian Cathedral Quartz

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