#19049 Elestial Mystic Frosted Light Amethyst Scepter - Madagascar Quartz
Elestial Mystic Frosted Light Amethyst Scepter - Madagascar Quartz
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This is a sweet but unusual, 3.2 oz scepter from Madagascar, 2.6” by 1.45” by 1.2” and what makes him unusual is that his rod is frosty white, bit elestial … the only elestial one in the lot. The rod is topped by a pale amethyst crown that looks pink in areas. The pink arises from fine inclusions of red lepidocrosite. The base is healed and inclusions of gray hematite give him a very pale smoky appearance, but he’s not truly a smoky quartz. When strongly back-lit, you can see the hematite spheroids and flecks of the bright red lepidocrosite. A bit of calcite resides in his crevices, making him look dark or dirty in the pictures, but rest assured, he was thoroughly washed! It all gives his an old-soul look. He may look a bit strange at first, but I guarantee that it will be love at first sight once you pick him up! He has a well-healed ding at his termination and a few very little modern ones but otherwise, he is in excellent condition.

This Spirit is one to be used by a Shaman or Wicca; wrap him well so that he isn’t broken. He calls upon the powers of the World of Magic and brings special vision to his Keeper. I get the sense that his special gift is that of herbs and herbal remedies. He allows his Keeper to tap into the vibrations of the plant kingdom, allowing each to present their special gift to healing. Use him with care, taking precautions not to abuse. He is dedicated to healing and truly wants no other purpose.

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Elestial Mystic Frosted Light Amethyst Scepter - Madagascar Quartz

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