#19052 Gentle Gray Phantom Starbrary-Lemurian Emissary Quartz Cluster
Gentle Gray Phantom Starbrary-Lemurian Emissary Quartz Cluster
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This is a beautiful and petite, gray-phantomed quartz cluster from Brazil, 2.2 oz and 2.1” by 1.8” by 1.6” with one dominant larger crystal and a bevy of smaller ones. Interestingly, the phantom subtle but layered and visible from only one side of the largest crystal. The gray color is a mixture of goethite and white chlorite, creating an energy vortex deep in her beginnings. Her sides are covered with starbrary glyphs amid prominent Lemurian lines and there is a soft and gentle energy about her that pervades her presence … comforting and warm. She has a couple of small, largely healed dings, but otherwise, she is very excellent and ready to go to her Keeper.

I was blown away when I first worked with this crystal! She is a starbrary, first order, but a starbrary of special status. There are many of us on Earth now who are aware of our star roots. These breech the surface in strange ways – remembrances of alien worlds, new languages, unusual codes and certain visual clues … others miss them, but Star Seeds are keenly aware at least on one level. Many of us are just trying to make sense of what we know and what we feel. This Spirit is like a crystalline link that connects us to the Universal Force that joins all peoples. She is without a doubt, an emissary that resonates with all and thus can act as a Universal translator. Like many of these very special, one-of-a-kind crystals, this Spirit is meant for one Keeper, a Star Seed who will recognize immediately that she is a tool and a key to all that is and all that will be …

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Gentle Gray Phantom Starbrary-Lemurian Emissary Quartz Cluster

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