#19091 AAA Elongated Fireworks Fire Opal with Intense Color
AAA Elongated Fireworks Fire Opal with Intense Color
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This is a fiery, AAA grade 0.5 gram, 2.35 carat Australian opal that is 0.65” by 0.2” by 0.15” and perfectly polished in Indonesia into a domed and elongated oval shape that displays the fire. You will see flashes of brilliant neon shades of every color in the rainbow … and then some in flashes like you would see in a fireworks display. Sit in the sunlight and watch the colors shoot across the surfaces like meteors! The photos don’t come anywhere near capturing all the glitter - you’ll be astounded in person! And he’s a perfect size for laying on the body for crystal healing or Reiki … or would make an astounding pendant. Apologies – these are very hard to photograph without reflections but I took lots of photos so I hope you get the color display.

Opals are like the night sky … at first they appear uni-dimensional and as you move them in the light, they come alive and offer a vibrant display. The energy of the "fire" allows us to look deeply within to understand ourselves in an intensive and direct manner, particularly if you are at a crossroads and are needing assistance or assurance in making choices. The fire opal instills strength, determination and Self-assurance, so although his energy is intense, he actually acts as a stress-releaser rather than an intensifier. You will totally enjoy his directness and balance … not to mention his utter beauty!

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AAA Elongated Fireworks Fire Opal with Intense Color

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