#19112 Incredible Botryoidal Silver-Metallic Hematite Cluster
Incredible Botryoidal Silver-Metallic Hematite Cluster
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This is an incredible 9.1 oz, 2.8” by 2.1” by 1.5” cluster of silvery-metallic-black botryoidal hematite crystals from Morocco! Little areas of golden healer have settled into a few crevices and his bubbly look is a total joy and his weight is always a surprise – very hefty, yet there is a soft, cool feel to him. He is a stunning and beautiful crystalline companion!

Hematite is a chameleon stone. It is composed of iron oxide – and we mostly know that as rust! But in the right circumstances, it forms into this marvelous silvery-black that seems to glow. It is this dichotomy of its structure that gives hematite those characteristics of energy balance. According to Eastern tradition, we have two types of energy Yin (female) and Yang (male). When our life runs out of balance, one manifests over the other and the Self has no choice but to express the dominant type. Too little Yang and the person becomes depressed, loses confidence, and focuses only on the negative. Too little Yin and the person is hyperactive, flits from activity to activity (often without finishing anything) and is often viewed as power-hungry. Hematite is wonderful for helping to restore the balance of the Yin-Yang energies. And in doing so, he stimulates mental alertness, creativity and inner confidence.

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Incredible Botryoidal Silver-Metallic Hematite Cluster

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