#19115 Inviting Rich Amethyst Cluster with Sawn Side
Inviting Rich Amethyst Cluster with Sawn Side
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This is an inviting right purple cluster of amethyst crystals from Brazil with sawn side so that she will stand securely on it. To her back is a thin chalcedony matrix covered with golden healer. She is 1 lb 12.7 oz and 3.8” by 2” by 2.5” and there are glyphs on the many crystal faces … best to study them carefully with a loupe! In addition, some of the crystals have a fine golden healer stained druse on them. She does have a bit of edge damage, but nothing to alter her gentle energies … she will be a fine addition to your special altar places!

All of this special Spirit’s crystals seem to broadcast her underlying energy outward in kind of a spiral motion, similar to ripples on a pond, but with another dimension added. I get that she can be used like an aura sweep to either open Chakras of adjust them to optimal movement. She is weighty, so placing near the Chakra or under the treatment table is advised. She is a “must have” for crystal and Reiki Healers and a real beauty to grace your altar!

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Inviting Rich Amethyst Cluster with Sawn Side

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