#19142 Awesome DT Karur Blushed Smoky-Amethyst with Manifestor
Awesome DT Karur Blushed Smoky-Amethyst with Manifestor
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This is an amazing 0.9 oz, 2.1” by 1.1” by 0.55” somewhat tabby and glyphed DT scepter from Karur, India. Her smoky color is a little more obvious but her blushes of amethyst will take some exploration … as will her little manifestors. I originally only saw one, but then little flashes of pink showed up in her last photos and with a loupe, I could see teeny manifestors inside as well as hematite spheroids and what looks like strands of goethite! Her sides and faces bear strange symbols and communications. She is a one of a kind Spirit that will totally astound you with her old soul beauty, messages and energy!

She comes from Karur, located in southern India and known for its lush scenery and ancient temples. Karur has been an important part of the Tamil Nadu region for hundreds of years and boasts a rich and varied history. They are known for their beautiful textiles as well as brilliant gemstone beads. In face, so much of the mine production is used to produce these beads, that little intact material ever leaves India. In 2004, the Asian Tsunami all but destroyed the Tamil Nadu region and there was no production for years. And now, these wondrous Spirit are arising once more, ready to help and eager to join her special Keeper. These Karur crystals have often been associated with the Violet Flame.

The Violet Flame is marked as being a point of transition from the physical to the ethereal points of Light. Although known for centuries, it was St. Germaine who introduced it to "ordinary" humans to show them what they were truly capable of. As we toss off the shackles of primitive beliefs, we open the door to incredible metamorphosis and transformation. This Spirit, indeed, assists in that transition, helping to purify thought and energy in preparation of the higher order necessary for Spiritual enhancement. Further, I love that her colors allow for complete transition of body, mind and Soul. When you hold her, you will know this is true and all I can say is "hang onto your hat" – you are in for some changes.

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Awesome DT Karur Blushed Smoky-Amethyst with Manifestor

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