#19146 Curved and Glittering Druid's Quartz Wand - Simply Stunning
Curved and Glittering Druid's Quartz Wand - Simply Stunning
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This is an amazing and beautiful 1 lb 10.7 oz, 7.5” by 2.1” by 2.2” wand of rather milky quartz alternating with clear from old stock Pakistan … and is spectacular in every detail … I positively gasped when I opened her! And it’s hard to know where to begin … first, she is a generator with a stargazer side of crystals that rises as a hooded cape and then cascades down her side. A sparse druse of little students scatter among her Lemurian lines on three sides. Her lower termination is slanted and covered with small, some elestial terminations and she has a distinct curve! Her termination is more clear than the rest of her and inside, you can see little manifestors! There are two areas featuring a bit of leaf-green chlorite and golden healer. She is absolutely stunning, glittering as you turn her in the light … the pictures couldn’t begin to capture what you will see! She will be a gorgeous addition to your special altar spaces!

As beautiful as this Spirit is, wait until you hold her and experience her ancient energies! She has many positions to hold her and project her energy, so clearly she is “broadband”. In some positions, she operates rather like a comb to cleanse the aura and dislodge negative energy, implants and obstructions, while in another, she is focused like a thousand lasers! Her milky element is uncommon and energetically assists your vision through the “fog”. She speaks to adaptability and how someone can react to change in a positive manner and turn that change into a sparkling, glittering aspect of Self! Her chlorite aspects add important protection in the process. She shows you the beauty in All That Is and allows you to push aside negativity and stress, all the time reminding you that all change is ultimately positive as long as you accept the lesson and learn from it … and then allow the new reality glitter and shine! All considered, she has a very Druid feel to her, like she was used in ancient ceremonies to ready the area and participants as a group. Her Keeper will know her for the amazing Spirit that she is and may even recognize her from before when Druids gathered at Solstice.

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Curved and Glittering Druid’s Quartz Wand - Simply Stunning

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