#19150 Exquisite Angel Quartz "Flower" with Rose Quartz Core - Abundant Love
Exquisite Angel Quartz Flower with Rose Quartz Core - Abundant Love
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This is an arrival from Barros do Salinos, Brazil … 2.2 oz , 2.5” by 1.8” by 1.2” ever so slightly-smoky quartz flower with lovely rose quartz pink core (seen at the base). The base looks sawn off but if you check it with a loupe, it shimmers with teeny-tiny terminations! Check her “flower” with a loupe and you will see that some the edge crystals are scepters! The base has both rose quartz and hematite stained quartz!

Rose color derived its color from titanium and the rose color of pink Lemurians (for instance) is hematite … and here are the two, married! You will be totally amazed at the diversity of energies in this palm-sized sweetie … and you will be in love with her gentle energies and her glittering beauty! Rose quartz has very angelic energies and with her, it seemed ever so much more evident. Pink is the color ascribed to the heart in response to the higher vibrational levels in which we not incarnate while the hematite russet awakens the passion. I love that she combines the two, in perfect harmony and to me this blends the golden-orange flame of Auriel with the pink flame of Chamael. Together, they are the veneration of selfless love. This is the love that is empathy, compassion and service … and it is the perfect love of Self that we strive for that radiates outward and joins each of us with All That Is. If you were to have just one crystal (shutter the thought!), this would be that one. Without love, there is nothing …

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Exquisite Angel Quartz ‘Flower’ with Rose Quartz Core - Abundant Love

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