#19194 Astounding Tibetan Blackspot Reverse Scepter Enhydro Quartz
Astounding Tibetan Blackspot Reverse Scepter Enhydro Quartz
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This is a 0.7 oz, 2.15” by 0.8” by 0.6” DT crystal with both Merlin (aka generator) terminations. The more narrow termination is a reverse scepter. She is Tibetan and has wonderful purifying black inclusions and is actually quite clear … it’s just that there is so much going on inside that she doesn’t appear so. Her black spots are throughout and seem to form strange and ancient symbols. She has a rather large enhydro … it’s a bit difficult to see but the pocket is large and I actually saw the movement of the blackspots within the pocket before I saw the bubble. A loupe is critical! She has glyphs on her faces, some shy rainbows and one raised record keeper plus a nice Isis face. She is absolutely incredible and will fit easily in a pocket or medicine pouch to travel with you!

If you have never felt the energy of a Tibetan before, you are in for a real treat! Similar to a Herkimer, her energy is sweet and clear with a distinctive high vibration that resonates with the perfection of an angelic song. Her carbon inclusions both resonate and purify, intensifying the effect – as if she is constantly buzzing and vibrating. Holding her in the hand and closing the eyes allows her energy to mesh with yours and truly, you feel a RUSH through your body. It's almost like a cold shower on a hot, hot day – refreshing and invigorating. She scrubs away those cobwebs, leaving your aura sparkling and glistening! She is excellent for body work, placing her on the Third Eye or at the crown, where she can fully activate the ethereal Chakras. We are going through an intense time and she wishes to be with her true Keeper during these trials and tribulations. Her enhydro teaches flexibility: water truly has no shape other than the container it is in, yet it can nurture tender seedlings or wash away mountains with its force. Learn, grow, develop, adapt … you will find her a wonderful and dedicated friend and Guide.

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Astounding Tibetan Blackspot Reverse Scepter Enhydro Quartz

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