#19203 Dainty DT Turquoise-Phantomed Quartz Angel’s Peace with Golden Healer
Dainty DT Turquoise-Phantomed Quartz Angel’s Peace with Golden Healer
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This is a 4.08 gram, 1.15” by 0.5” by 0.3” angel’s peace quartz and she is amazing through and through. She is a very sweet Spirit with golden healer staining to her back … the golden healer appears to be on a bit of Mother Earth matrix mixed with tiny quartz crystals. She is a DT and each termination contains a gorgeous turquoise phantom with clarity in between. She comes from Pakistan from an area known for its copper deposits and it has been thought that the inclusion is a combination of chlorite and fuschite, neither of which contain copper. So, you be the judge ... no matter what, she is a rare and beautiful Spirit!! I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like her!

Although small, I was overwhelmed by the sense of peace and security I felt when holding this sweet Spirit! It was as if angels had enveloped me with their wings and I was safe, secure and totally loved beyond anything I had ever experienced. My heart was open wide, my throat was open wide and my Third Eye was pulsing as waves of the most amazing turquoise color filled my aura. After a few minutes of this, I felt as if I just glowed.

It’s interesting as several years ago, our beloved blue healer dog died suddenly of a heart attack a couple of years ago and the day before a shipment of these crystals arrived. I can’t tell you what a difference they made! As I unpacked the shipment and handled each of these precious gems, a bit more of the sorrow left me. There is still a profound sense of loss even years later, but I was able to see beyond it and focus on the total joy this dog, Nikki, had brought to me. There is a peace now that I don’t think would ever have been possible – truly an Angel’s Peace. These crystals are so incredible in helping you understand what is truly in your heart and instilling a comfort with that knowledge. Angels HAVE been here and they have guided our Nikki across the Rainbow Bridge. I share this experience with you because of the incredible sense of peace I get when I work with each and every one. They are indeed, an Angel’s gift. This Spirit feels right at home either over the Third Eye or the Heart, although I really favor the Heart – it is only with the heart that we truly see (from Antoine St. Exupery’s ‘The Little Prince’). She permits us a whole new level of compassion, understanding and love that we have never known.

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Dainty DT Turquoise-Phantomed Quartz Angel’s Peace with Golden Healer

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