#19205 Detoxifying Green Clinozoisite Fortress
Detoxifying Green Clinozoisite Fortress
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This is a 9 oz, 3.3” by 2.2” by 1.65” fortress of clinozoisite from Pakistan. The somewhat-gemmy, green crystals are rather chaotic and the entire cluster is made up by them … a veritable fortress. You really have to explore her with a loupe to appreciate her total beauty. The terminations are excellent and she awaits her special Keeper.

Clinozoisite is a relative of epidote and shares many of the properties, but has some unique ones of her own. Specifically, she is a good grounding crystal, but not a deep grounder that will leave you a little wiped and tired as some can. There is a centering to her grounding, allowing you to focus better and not feel so spacey. Further, there is no better crystal for detoxifying on an etheric level. She helps to remove vestiges of hooks and in particular residual toxins from relationships gone wrong. Once you work with her, you will want none other to help you get over those humps and bumps of life!

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Detoxifying Green Clinozoisite Fortress

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