#19207 Earth Mother Spirit Stones – Gnome, Earth Mother, More …
Earth Mother Spirit Stones – Gnome, Earth Mother, More …
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This is an unusual grouping of five Earth Mother Spirit Stones, totaling 4.7 oz, each about 2” in length and amazing in expression! Two are a light dove gray while the others are a bit darker. I love the chameleon quality of these Spirits! The origin of these stones began about 10,000 years ago as the glaciers began to recede from the large, quaternary lakes in Northern Canada. The rich mineral ‘soup’ of the glacial melts contained abundant quantities of calcium and carbonates along with titanium, rare earths and other elements. Geologically what you see now is a calcium carbonate concretion after clay. When you inspect them, they have a smooth and a rough side showing ridges and Sanskrit like markings. The ridges are actually fossils of ancient worms, thus each stone becomes a page in the book of the geologic history of northern North America. These Spirits are ready to join a Keeper who seeks a reunion with the Earth and will use them in a grid to assist Mother Earth!

These wonderful Spirits were known as ‘fairy stones’ to the Algonquin and they believed that they brought luck in the hunts and conferred health and prosperity to the homes. The largest ones were thought to further protect against bad spirits and the most beautiful were exchanged between lovers. Although found in many locations, these come from the Harricana River near Abitibi, Quebec in Canada. This river derived its name from the stones as ‘harricana’ is the Algonquin word for ‘biscuits’ which the stones resemble.

That all being said, I feel they are far more than fairy stones in that they are integrally tied to Mother Earth herself … they have definite female energies and most have the circular symbols of Mother Earth used by native peoples the world over. Each has a calming, centering, balancing energy that will take the edge off and settle your aura so that you can do a proper meditation. Place one against the palm meridians and she will literally tingle in your palm, showing that she strongly connects, and she is a wonderful grounding stone, but never one that brings you too far down. Using these as a grid, placed at the tip of a star grid, they will bring much loving energy and healing to your special tributes to Mother Earth.

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Earth Mother Spirit Stones – Gnome, Earth Mother, More …

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