#19219 Lightning Strike DT Fairy Gold Lodelite Quartz for Scrying
Lightning Strike DT Fairy Gold Lodelite Quartz for Scrying
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This is an amazing and unique 1.8 oz 3.5” by 1” by 0.8” DT quartz from Pakistan. She is rather earthy and somewhat misted with the only clarity at her more slender and heavily keyed termination. Lemurian lines and subtle starbrary glyphs are on her sides and even carry up onto some of the faces. There are three areas holding students and also concentrations of dove-gray lodelite, one of which is flattened as it grew against a rock or another crystal. Her most unusual addition is a 0.6” lightning strike path adjacent a well-healed triangular key! Her classical lodelite fairy gold inclusions are in her center – like a golden heart! Everywhere you look, there is something new to catch our attention and wonder! Except for very tiny dings, she is in excellent condition.

Quartz is piezoelectric. Piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure and it is not just exhibited by quartz, but crystals like topaz and tourmaline as well. Our own bones as well as DNA are also piezoelectric. So many things initiate the pressure that induces the electrical current … sound, heat, light, energy … even the energy and heat from your hands will stimulate it! I can attest to all of this as after a particularly intense meditation, I went to place the quartz I was working with on the nightstand and as I did, I felt a pop and saw a blue flash. In my hand was a piece of the quartz that had popped out and on the side was the characteristic lightning strike pattern. This crystal has since healed in the space of the decade since it has happened and she bears the scar of the meditation, but her energy is much enhanced!

These are rare Spirits and truly are one of profound healing and change. Lightning strike crystals have accepted change to their core, even to the extent of allowing their structure to be changed and expressed more fully. Their energies affect us likewise, beginning with the Core. The Core Chakra is frequently ignored, under the assumption that all the other ones need work while this one is doing just fine. The Core is your connection to Self, family and community and as such is the vessel holding your Core beliefs … the ones that guide your life. But, like the garden, the Core beliefs need weeding in order to remain strong and beautiful so from time to time, you need to align these with your stage of Spiritual advancement.

A lightning strike in a fairy gold crystal is rare! I named this “fairy gold” because if I were one of the wee folk, this is the kind of gold I would gravitate to … not the stuff that brings out the greed! This Spirit warms the Spirit and “fills in the blanks”, making transition from the physical to brilliant ethereal expression and all within the protection of the lodelite! What a soaring feeling! She takes you back to a time when people were closer to the Earth and welcomed that attunement … and isn’t that what we need now in this dramatic time of change?

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Lightning Strike DT Fairy Gold Lodelite Quartz for Scrying

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