#19220 Old Stock Jenipapo Quartz with Indicolite (Blue), Green Tourmaline
Old Stock Jenipapo Quartz with Indicolite (Blue), Green Tourmaline
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This a light and frosted smoky quartz, 9.7 oz and 3.25” by 2.4” by 2.5”. The base is flat and partially healed, revealing inclusions of both tourmaline and mica. The crystal is bifurcated by tourmaline crystals, most deep indigo blue but one is green with blue-green at one end and purple-blue at the other. You will need a strong back-light and a loupe to see this well. The indicolite gives the crystal the name “Jenipapo Blue”. To the back, she is somewhat elestial with a bit of hematite and a few books of toast-brown mica accenting the crevices. She has a soft and gentle presence with loving energies, perfect for the altar spaces of her special Keeper. She is from Jenipapo, Brazil and you will be in love as soon as you open her!

I was so inspired by this Spirit – between the warmth and comfort of her glowing, opalescent nature and the electric energy from the tourmaline, she is a very, very unusual crystal offering a variety of energies for her Keeper. The blue tourmaline is a potent Third Eye stimulator while the smoky is a protector. The hematite speaks to the root Chakra where we hold our ethics, beliefs, core teachings and the albite speaks to the ability to discern truth among many options. We perceive things on many levels including the occult. These messages are often cloaked in mystery and difficult to decode and sometimes, we are afraid of them … thus they are also often ignored. Working with this Spirit can assist with the decoding and putting into physical expression so that you can communicate both to your Self and others exactly what you ‘see’. She is a Spirit for a Light Worker coming into their strength and ‘power’, discovering all that is open to them now. She will bring a whole new meaning to your experiences and progress!

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Old Stock Jenipapo Quartz with Indicolite (Blue), Green Tourmaline

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