#19225 Soaring Condor Amethyst Totem Quartz
Soaring Condor Amethyst Totem Quartz
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This is a truly unusual and stunning Brazilian amethyst, 7.4 oz and 3.7” by 2.1” by 1.7”. His sides are opalescent and there is a large key to the back that runs nearly all his length. Three faces were polished as there was originally a talc-like mineral there that made the termination fragile, so the miners gently polished it off. The rest is all natural and elestial with ridges and deep valleys. He is slightly smoky and if you backlight him, you can see a clear and vivid violet rising through his center. Shy rainbows play within and when I first unwrapped these special quartz, I got images of animals in each … and each different. This carries the Spirit of the soaring condor, graceful and watchful as he spreads his long wings to the sky.

Condors are highly endangered but hanging on in spite of all odds. They symbolize tenacity, strength and perseverance, almost as if savoring the struggle. They have the gift of sight as they search for carrion to feel their chick safe in a nest high up in the cliffs. These birds, while graceful on the wing are rather ungainly on the ground. They mate for life and are devoted parents. If Condor is your totem, you have the gift of long-sight and insight. People will seek you out for out for your counsel. This Spirit will be a noble assistant for those seeking this Spiritual advancement.

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Soaring Condor Amethyst Totem Quartz

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