#19228 Splendid Ice Angel Scepter Quartz - Russia
Splendid Ice Angel Scepter Quartz - Russia
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This is a gorgeous and rare 0.6 oz, 1.3” by 1.3” by 1.3” scepter from Russia with fascinating attributes. Her base shows the overgrowth and cascading layers of sparkling crystals all over her shaft, terminating in a neat little scepter. She is somewhat similar to the spirit quartz of Africa, but with a more snowy look although similarly sparkly. She has wonderful markings on her faces, especially the one with a bit of golden healer underneath. That face is well-glyphed but try as I might, the camera didn’t quite catch what you will see with a loupe! She is in splendid condition and is a perfect size for pocket or medicine pouch … or wire-wrapping!

I love the feel of this Spirit – she sparkles and shimmers as you rotate her and the soft clouds in her termination seem to move like those in the sky! The crystals around her form spirals and as you hold her with her base against the palm meridians, you feel a strong surge of energy as her spirals mesh with your own DNA. It's an interesting sensation and she really realigns your Chakras and balances your aura in the process! It just seems like all the stresses and strains of life constantly throw things out of kilter – she is like a trip to the crystalline chiropractor. Work with her often and you will find yourself much more refreshed and prepared to handle each day.

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Splendid Ice Angel Scepter Quartz - Russia

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