#19250 Fish-Tail Selenite Wand with Enhydro, Manifestors
Fish-Tail Selenite Wand with Enhydro, Manifestors
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This lovely wand from China is 1.4 oz and 4.9" by 0.8" by 0.4" and fills with light as soon as you pick her up ... plus, she is a lovely singer and is eager to perform for you! She has a keyed and multiple lower termination while the upper is like a fishtail! And study her with a loupe and you will see teeny manifestors within her ... and a single somewhat large enhydro towards her main termination best investigated with a loupe. She is wondrous and eager to work with a Healer!

Selenite is a high-power wand and is absolutely awesome to use for cleansing. Set amongst your quartz and keep them energetically spotless! Because of her shape, she easily accommodates a variety of small points resting on her so that the crystal healer or Reiki practitioner always has cleansed crystals for use. She is also excellent for use as a general “aura tonic” to refresh and energize the aura. Just a few minutes clears an amazing amount of stuff. One caution, if you are using on a patient or yourself, she will bring up things that you never expected. Because she is able to cut away layers of psychic protection that you or the patient has applied, she can elicit an overly emotional response. Be prepared for extreme emotions followed by intense relief as if a splinter were removed.

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Fish-Tail Selenite Wand with Enhydro, Manifestors

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