#19252 Freeform Polished Star Rutile Quartz Landscape with Manifestors
Freeform Polished Star Rutile Quartz Landscape with Manifestors
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This is a special Shamanic Dream freeform from Brazil, 3.3 oz and 2” by 1.55” by 1.2”. The quartz is quite clear, in spite of first impressions, with subtle rainbows here and there. What you will notice right away is the wondrous landscape within composed of a little dark green and dark ochre lodelite mixed with manifestors of mica stacks and starbursts of golden rutile. This all displays like a far-away galaxy, gleaming against the midnight of the Universal sky. This is truly a unique Spirit full of joy, fantasy and energy!

Typically freeforms like this are used for scrying (like a crystal ball) and evaluating dreams. You sit in meditation (and I like my favorite incense burning and beautiful music playing like Fairy Ring by Michael Rowland or Novus Magnificat by Constance Denby). Choose a facet to stare into and open both hands to either cup the crystal between them or hold against a single palm, then allow your mind to enter the world within. Ask questions and allow the answers to come. Her mica fosters introspection while the rutile starbursts radiate the energies. Now, understand that they may be in ‘code’ in that the information you get back will be symbolic. As an example, cleaning house may not represent physical cleaning, but rather sorting through ideas and beliefs that no longer work for you. Be open to the possibilities and savor the time that you have with this rare and magnificent crystalline helper!

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Freeform Polished Star Rutile Quartz Landscape with Manifestors

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