#19256 Gorgeous Hematite Crystal with Calcite, Pyrite and Barite
Gorgeous Hematite Crystal with Calcite, Pyrite and Barite
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This is a gorgeous, powerhouse of a crystal, 1.7 oz and 1.6” by 1.4” by 1.3” and from Kosovo. The little cluster is dominated by a large hematite crystal sitting in a nest of golden calcite. The base is covered with gray barite with pyrite peaking out among the barite crystals. Believe me … this one was hard to photograph! Both the calcite and barite are fluorescent and you will be studying her with a loupe for a long time – so intricate and unique!

Calcite helps the Keeper deal with change and hematite integrates the change into the Primal Chakra and the core of physical expression. Hematite is a chameleon stone. It is composed of iron oxide – and we mostly know that as rust! But in the right circumstances, it forms into this marvelous silvery-black that seems to glow. It is this dichotomy of its structure that gives hematite those characteristics of energy balance. According to Eastern tradition, we have two types of energy Yin (female) and Yang (male). When our life runs out of balance, one manifests over the other and the Self has no choice but to express the dominant type. Too little Yang and the person becomes depressed, loses confidence, and focuses only on the negative. Too little Yin and the person is hyper-active, flits from activity to activity (often without finishing anything) and is often viewed as power-hungry. Hematite is wonderful for helping to restore the balance of the Yin-Yang energies. And in doing so, he stimulates mental alertness, creativity and inner confidence. His calcite eases the entire transition, thus ensuring that the Keeper does not become stressed or taxed. Barite ignites the dream state and pyrite is both protective and grounding yet also energetic. He is wonderful to place by on your desk or workspace, both for the mental stimulation AND the critical balance.

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Gorgeous Hematite Crystal with Calcite, Pyrite and Barite

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