#19288 Very Unusual DT Ametrine Quartz
Very Unusual DT Ametrine Quartz
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This is an amazing and magnificent DT ametrine quartz, 2.7 oz and 3.4” by 2.2” by 1.1” – wonderful and mysterious. Actually, you’d have to call this one a “citthyst” because she’s a large and frosted citrine crystal with a side termination of amethyst! Her base termination is also an amethyst crystal, but only blushed so … and she has another little amethyst on one side. She has well etched and glyphed sides and really lights up when you handle her. Her citrine is lovely and golden and her amethyst, zoned and rich. With a loupe, you will see tiny spheroids of hematite within her. There is a slight matte finish to her sides and wow, do your hands tingle when you hold her! She first saw sunlight in Espiritu Sancto, Brazil where the Melody Stone comes from ...

This crystal, in every sense of the word, is mystery. At first, she appears darkish – “flat” even. As you hold her and allow the sun to catch her, you see within – the color, the clarity and the glow. As you hold her in your hand, she warms. You feel comfort like hot chocolate on a bitter winter day or a cat in your lap as you listen to the rain. She gently shares her warmth and allows you to look deeply at yourself. You ARE a worthy person and deserve to be loved! She helps you recognize that true love begins with self and then grows with abundance and sheer joy as you see the world in a different light. She shows you that it’s ok to have scars (don’t we all?), but to go beyond and wear them proudly and well. Let them be a source of beauty rather than pain! Ametrine is all about change; smoke adds protection. This will be a slow process, but oh so beautiful and incredible! You will never be the same person again and all those around you will notice something without knowing exactly what. It is time for you to recognize that love within and who you really are!

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Very Unusual DT Ametrine Quartz

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