#19290 Wondrous DT Pakistani Quartz with Amazing Glyphs
Wondrous DT Pakistani Quartz with Amazing Glyphs
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This is a 3.4 oz, 2.5” by 1.9” by 1.3” DT Pakistani quartz. He has a bit of golden healer to give him a golden glow and his lower termination (a multi) bears just a dash of green chlorite and a few tiny epidote rods! Sides and faces hold amazing and mysterious glyphs that will provide totally entice you! He appears to be deftly twinned with a little stargazer student that bridges the twins on both terminations. He is in excellent condition and awaits his special Keeper!

To meditate with him, hold him in the hand of choice and gaze into a side or face that calls you. As you focus your breath, allow the breath to enter the “window” you see. Open your mind and observe what comes to you. If you are shown past lives, you understand why they are significant to the Now. If you get images, you come to know what they mean and what relationship they have to your spiritual growth. If you astral travel, you know the meaning of the place. All centers on your own spiritual growth and needs. Continue focusing the breath until you feel complete. Thank him for his assistance and relax.

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Wondrous DT Pakistani Quartz with Amazing Glyphs

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